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The World Olympians Association understands the need to conserve our natural resources and WOAprotect the environment on our planet. In doing so the WOA recognizes the excellent efforts being made through the "Footprints" program in Latvia. Together with Olympians everywhere we vow to help improve this place we call home. The good work in Riga serves to motivate everyone to carry the flame high in knowing that Olympians are working for a better tomorrow.
Secretary General Dr. Liston D. Bochette
Olympians who have participated in the waste-collection bees of the Project Footprints in 2002/2003

Jekabs Nakums
Biathlon, 1998, 10 km, the 5 th place, 2002.

"I took part in the campaign Footprints because I use nature and forest for my training and exercises. I am very glad that such a project has finally begun and that I have an opportunity to contribute myself – so that rubbish under my feet does not disturb to train."

Maris Rozentals
Bobsleigh, 1998, 2002.

"I want that my children breathe clean air and walk on a clean land. With my participation in the Footprints I hope to influence and provide an example for the society, especially the youth. These activities require the aspect of upbringing and education."

Ilonda Luse
Speed skating 1994, 1998, 2002.

"We can speak about global matters, which happen around us and which worry us, but which we are incapable of altering; however, we can change ourselves, our attitude and our close vicinity, if we truly wish to do it and if we want to start acting to improve it…. And if every person begins with small things, which surround us then all of us will benefit, and the entire World will benefit, as we are the ones who create the World from tiny pieces…

Ugis Bruvelis
Distance walking, 2000.

"My distance walking training takes place in open air, walking along motorways, forest paths, along the sea. When walking I see that the beautiful nature of Latvia has been messed. Everywhere there is a lot of rubbish left by human beings.
By participating and popularising the Project Footprints I hope that citizens of Latvia will become reasonable and will not throw out unnecessary things all over. Otherwise we will bury ourselves in rubbish."

Intars Dicmanis
Bobsleigh, 2002.

"I am a pedant and a patriot of the State who likes tidiness and order in the country. And in general, I like everything that is green and tidied up."

Janis Ozols
Bobsleigh, 1998, the 6 th place, 2002.

While cleaning your surroundings you will understand, that to drop a bottle or a tiny piece of paper might seem a sheer little thing, still when collecting it all back you get a full truckload out of nowhere. Let's think about it! I want such truckloads to form only at specially designated places and not everywhere around!

Guntis Rekis
Luge, 1998, 2002.

"I want to walk along a clean forest. I want to go fishing on a clean river. I want to sunbathe by a clean sea."

Viktors Scerbatihs
Weightlifting 1996, the 10 th place, 2002.
Zorzs Tikmers
Rowing, a Silver medal, 1980.

"Olympic movement and the “Project Footprints” are inseparable conceptions. Since they both care after people. Therefore I participate."

Anita Klapote
Athletics, 1992.

"The environment is a totality of external conditions, which are interrelated to a particular organism and which influences its processes of life.
Fresh air, clean water, good health. These are our rights: to live in a clean environment. But we also have an obligation: to avoid doing harm to ourselves and to millions of other creatures by unmerciful attitude towards nature.
Therefore, thinking globally, I am acting according to my environment."
Maija Tiruma
Luge, 2002.

The "Footprints" is a wonderful opportunity to meet other Olympians, as well as to prove that only hard work leads to outstanding results that can be enjoyed by oneself and others! It is exactly the same as in sports:)

Janis Kipurs - a Gold medal
Bobsleigh, a pilot, 1984, the 4 th place for two-men crews; 1988, the 1 st place for two-men crews.

"In life all things should be in balance – there have to be bandits so that the police have work to do; similarly “there also have to be” scoundrels who litter so that the Olympians and their supporters have also got work to do…"

  Aleksandrs Muzicenko - a Gold medallist
Sailing in Star class, 1980.

Janis Lusis - a Gold medallist
Javelin throwing, 1964, a Bronze medal; 1968. a Gold medal; 1972, a Silver medal; 1976, the 8 th place.

"I hate disorder at work and at home. Nature should also be in order – clean and tidied up. It is a question of culture and love. That is the reason why I participate."

Voldemars Lusis
Javelin throwing, 2000.

"I will participate in the “Footprints”, since I wish to see pure and spruce Latvia, so that our children after us would have remembrance and work fortitude for I acknowledge that the project has a long way to go."

Sandis Prusis
Bobsleigh, a pilot 1992, 1994, 1998, the 5 th place, 2002.

"Why I attend the Footprints? (Someone has to collect this “shit”...)
An Olympian is an important factor in this event (a bait); if one Olympian is present, at least 20-30 (I don't know the precise formula) students, pupils, helpers will definitely arrive... The event itself has been organised very well."

Gundars Upenieks
Biathlon 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002.

"It happens that each of us consciously or unconsciously messes the surroundings, but it is important to find time and by one's example to convince our neighbours to tidy up the vicinity around themselves.
If street sweepers do it, the majority is smiling ironically and does not value the work, while if well-known people do it, their initiative is recognised and modelled. If the OLYMPIANS can do it, why can't we do it?
Therefore I responded to the invitation of the organisers of the Footprints to take part in waste-collection bees, to tidy up the vicinity and, with the help of my presence, to get started and encourage young people to join this “green movement”!"

Vsevolods Zelonijs
Judo, a Bronze medal, 2000.

"Work cannot be dirty if the idea is clean. By tidying up my land I am purifying myself. It really is more self-purification work. Each and all should do it at least once in life.."

Raimonds Bergmanis
Weightlifting, the weight class over 110 kg, 1992, 1996, the 9 th place, 2000.

"Value that cannot be bought by money – it is love towards nature that surrounds us. Parallels can be drawn between clean and tidied nature and an unpolluted soul. In these waste-collection bees, by tidying up our land, we are teaching ourselves and our children to love it and to maintain it clean for ever."

Ingrida Amantova
Luge, 1980, a Bronze medal, 1984, the 4 th place.

Firstly, I participate in the Footprints in order to create a clean, beautiful and tidy surrounding environment in which I live – I believe it is a duty of each citizen.
Secondly, being a pedagogue I am convinced that this project involves a significant educational aspect in upbringing and developing as a personality and it is a transfer of experience to the next generation.
Thirdly, as an Olympian, I see myself as a good example for the whole society and I do it in order other people could act like me and attempt to do the same things as I do.
Igors Vihrovs - a Gold medallist
Gymnastics, free callisthenics, 2000.

Inese Jaunzeme - a Gold medallist
Javelin throwing, 1956

"It could not be otherwise. It was probably a great sense of internal cleanliness. A dirty forest looks ugly. It was like a hope that something might change, I was restless, I went myself and I invited my Olympians to follow me. Truly, the Footprints did not keep me quiet and it pushed positive “craziness” that things might come true."

Jefimijs Klementjevs
Canoe, 1992, 2000, the 7 th place, 1000 m.

Aleksandra Klementjeva

"We are a big family and we want Latvia to be clean.
Waste-collection bees is a dirty work, but we, the Olympians, are aware that it is necessary and by participating in the bees we demonstrate that nobody should be ashamed of them.
Our 2 years old daughter Jeïena was together with Aleksandra and myself in all bees. Then she was just watching, but now, at home, she does throw anything down on the floor – she brings each sweet wrapper to the dust bin."

Liene Sastapa
Rowing, 1992.

"There is no special reason why I come to these waste-collection bees. As any person I am rather egoistic and I mostly do things that give me satisfaction. In my opinion, it is joy and pleasure to live in a clean environment."

Uljana Semjonova - a Gold medallist
Basketball, 1976, 1980.

"As much as possible I try to be in fresh air by the sea, in the forest, in the countryside. Unfortunately, one constantly comes across shocking untidiness left by people even in lonely woods of Latvia, let alone roadsides, banks of rivers and lakes and seashores. It is surprising how much the people who have done these swinish things despise their descendants. The Project Footprints brings together people who are not indifferent towards the environment in which we are living. The project is a reminder of our consciousness: keep Latvia clean!"

Vita Matise
Sailing, Mistral class, 2000.

"I participated because I believe that each person has to do something in favour of the society and the environment. The FOOTPRINTS is a good and democratic project which is capable of involving the youth; therefore there are good prospects that something might change."

Ivans Klementjevs - a Gold medallist
Single canoe, 1000m, 1988; 1992, a Silver medal, 1996, a Silver medal.

"I support the implementation of the environmental idea of the Olympic movement because we do it for ourselves and for the future. To demonstrate that the environment looks better without rubbish and papers and to make city officials think how to provide rubbish bins for parks."

Pjotrs Klementjevs

"I took part in order to truly evaluate the beauty and tidiness and to contribute myself to the cleanliness of the city."

Rihards Kotans
Bobsleigh, 1984.

"I dislike empty bottles that mess around my feet and get on my nerves when I run through a forest."

Martins Rubenis
Luge, 1998, 2002.

"I like coming to these waste-collection bees as there is a special atmosphere. Very humane. We leave a clean forest behind us and we provide an example how it should happen. But there is also another cleanliness apart from the tidied environment, and it can be very inspiring. The fact that I can leave such footprints gives a feeling of great satisfaction."

Anna Orlova
Luge, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002.

Lasma Kauniste
Speed skating, 1968, the 5 th place, 1500 m.

"Why did I participate? To have a nicer view all around."

Arturs Jakovlevs
Swimming, 100 m in butterfly stroke, 1992, 1996, 2000.

"I could not refuse the leader of the Footprints as I myself have strict requirements for tidiness. I am a fancier of orderliness. I hate uncleanness wherever it is. In addition, I am convinced that the young people who participate in these bees will definitely avoid throwing things down and they will have developed a desire for tidied surroundings."

Vasilijs Stepanovs
Weightlifting, a Silver medal, 1956.

Aigars Fadejevs
Distance walking, 50 km 1996, 2000, a Silver medal.

"I am a sociable and responsive person, therefore I try not to refuse anyone if my presence can be of help in an event. Besides, I am truly green inside out. I am very proud that we have managed to plant trees and thus multiply life on our Planet. Waste collection is the donkeywork that has to be done. We have to get together to achieve something and to be able to do more."

Inga Kozarenoka
Javelin throwing, 2000.

"Day by day, in the rush of life, little time is left over to pay attention to the fact that we ourselves, including myself, are neglectful to things around us. I participated in the project, being aware of my duty towards the environment in which I live in order to tidy it up and to diminish the evil that we, people, cause to nature."

Let's save our Planet !