I International Conference - "Environmental and Sport Education for Sustainable Development"
Baltic Beach Hotel, 23/25 Juras str., Majori, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia
September 18-20, 2006

e-mail: conference@pedas.lv
tel. +371 26538871; fax: +371 32 23408

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Foundation of Environmental Education
Main partners:
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Baltic Beach Hotel

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Riga

Latvian Green Movement

Latvian Olympic Committee

Latvijan Olympians Club

Valmiera Town Council

Embassy of Denmark

Embassy of Finland

Norwegian Embassy

Embassy of Sweden


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The main objectives of the conference are:

- To attract public attention to the current affairs in the fields of environment and healthy lifestyle;
- To facilitate exchange of experience and information in the abovementioned fields between countries;
- To compile the latest information in the areas of environment, environmental education, sport and sport education in Latvia and in other countries;
- To compile the conference materials, on the basis of these materials to prepare educational brochures as alternative complements to educational materials for educational establishments;
- To create a special website where information about the local, regional and global events in the field of environment, environmental education and sports and sport education will be provided;
- To create a database with the information about the previous conferences and discussed issues."

Moto: Healthy person in healthy environment
Vita Jaunzeme, Leader of Project Footprints

.....Nobody really knows what it means to be "green"…

Some people believe that it means to sort waste.
Others – to use natural materials.
Some people spend weekends in the nature; they go fishing or hunting.
Others like the green flags.
Sometimes to be "green" and to act in a "green" manner is rather bothersome, because it makes us to reject deceitful assumptions and habits that may have been cultivated throughout generations.
This means not to cut and not to saw when there is no need. Not to kill either but to learn to feel a tree breathing, protecting us and giving us an opportunity to exist. Let us build a monument in order to thank trees but not a monument from iron, but a symbolic one – let us plant another tree.
Learning to feel oneself as a small part of something big is not very easy because only a big person can allow himself or herself to feel small.
It is important to feel how life is palpitating in every handful of soil, in every calm of grass, in every breath of a bird and how the Earth is breathing and providing us with everything necessary to be alive.

…because there is nothing more valuable in the world than everything that is alive.