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  • Cyclists to take part in collective ride through Riga


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    Raksts:Cyclists to take part in collective ride through Riga


    The cycling event "Mes PAR velo!", part of the bicycle marathon "Barona taka", will take place in Riga at 10 a.m. this Friday, July 18 - everyone is invited to take part in a collective ride through Riga to remind drivers that cyclists are full-fledged traffic participants as well, Gatis Dzerve, the spokesman for the environment protection society "Pedas", the organizer of the race, informed LETA.


    The bicycle ride through Riga takes place every year during the bicycle marathon "Barona taka". It involves the participants of the bicycle marathon, and every cyclist who is concerned about traffic safety and improving the understanding between cyclists and drivers is also invited to take part. The purpose of the event is to remind drivers that bicyclists are equal participants in traffic, and to emphasize the importance of traffic rules and of mutual respect on the road.